Car restoration in Toowoomba


Restoration 1 – Toowoomba spray painting in St Toowoomba, QLD
Restoration 2 – Toowoomba spray painting in St Toowoomba, QLD
Our smash repairs workshop in Toowoomba specialises in car restoration. We can restore classic or late model cars to near new condition, using the latest restoration techniques and equipment.

Our team offers a complete restoration process which includes panel, paint, interior, engine, chassis and mechanical components.
Some of the restoration services we provide include:
Chassis alignment & repairs
Engine replacement & repairs
Components replacement & repairs
Spray painting
Panel beating
Dent removal
Bumper & Plastic repairs
Interior trimming & restoration
Our services are competitively priced, and we pride ourselves on sourcing genuine parts where possible, especially for our classic car restorations.

Call our workshop today on (07) 4639 2744 for a competitive quote on car restoration services.